Vermouth is an aromatic, fortified wine, created with herbs and botanicals.
Vermouth is known to have been prepared by ancient civilizations, including the Romans, under the name Absinthium vinum. Vermouth receives its characteristic taste from artemisia, the most crucial ingredient of any vermouth. Along with the presence of an herb from the artemisia family, vermouth requires a minimum composition of 75% wine, and an alcoholic volume of between 14.5-22%.

Antonio Benedetto Carpano named his product “vermouth”, inspired by the German word “wermuth” for wormwood.

The Tasting Ritual


A warm amber hue meets the eye. Hold a glass of Antica Formula against the light to expose its striking clarity and depth.


A complex bouquet opens with the warm scent of vanilla, the characteristic scent of Antica Formula’s secret recipe.  The opening bouquet soon transitions to spicy, citrusy, and nutty notes reminiscent of cloves, raisins and almonds.


Antica Formula lands soft and sweet on the tongue. Hints of vanilla found on the nose harmoniously blend with the mysterious beauty of spices. Be seduced by the ancient complexity of bitter orange and dates, the depth of the cocoa beans, and the enveloping intensity of saffron.


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